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Cordões MCP para redução de efeito DMD

Mode Conditioning Patchcords (MCP) are used to minimize Differential Mode Delay (DMD) which can occur when a single-mode laser source is launched into the center of a multimode fiber. The most common use for MCP are long wave Gigabit Ethernet applications (1000BASE-LX) in which a 1310nm single mode transceiver is being deployed into an existing multimode fiber plant. A MCP minimizes DMD signal degradation by offsetting the launch of the laser source away for the center of the multimode fiber. This is typically accomplished by using an offset splice between a single mode and multimode fiber on the transmit side of the patchcord. DIAMOND‘s MCP are available for almost all connector styles with 2.5 or 1.25mm ferrules and common multi-mode fiber types (50 & 62.5mm). Custom configurations or fiber types, such as attenuated fibers can be accommodated to meet your specific application needs. DIAMOND‘s MCP specifications are compliant with IEEE 802.3.

  • Mode Conditioning

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